Sick policy
If your student is exhibiting symptoms of the flu or another sickness, we ask that you respectfully keep your child home until he or she is well, to prevent the spread of illness.

Disciplinary policy
In general, we follow the love and logic approach.  If a student's behavior is consistently inappropriate, we will follow these disciplinary steps:
  1. A verbal warning to the child will be given to stop the behavior.
  2. The student will be placed in a “time out” chair away from the other children.
  3. A note will be sent home describing the inappropriate behavior.
If the inappropriate behavior persists, we will ask you to address the problem at home.  If the behavior continues to interfere with the learning of other students, your child may be asked to correct the behavior at home before returning to class.  We thank you for your cooperation!

Termination policy
If for some reason your student is not able to finish out the school year, a termination fee will be applied.