Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking forward to next school year

Here are some of the fun things we look forward to doing during this next school year at Learn with Me Preschool:
  • Hatch butterflies (to learn about life cycles)
  • Opposite obstacle course (To learn about opposites and the letter O)
  • Pirate/princess picnic followed by a pajama party with pancakes (Letter P)
  • Kite field trip (to learn about weather)
  • Play the hand bells and learn songs
We still have spots available for next year.
Please contact Jessica at 871-4234 if you are interested.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now enrolling!

Learn with Me Preschool is currently enrolling three and four-year-old students. There is a $40 registration/holding fee.  This fee not only secures your student's spot, but covers cost of supplies and workbooks (Handwriting Without Tears). There are limited spots as we like to keep our classes small. Please contact Ms. Jessica if you are interested!

Ms. Jessica

*Students must be potty-trained.

Daily Routine

Here is an example of a typical day at Learn With Me Preschool.

Arrive/Table Time: Students independently engage in fine motor and conceptual activities as they arrive.

Circle Time: Welcome song, days of the week, calendar, weather, Pledge of Allegiance, letter of the week, good citizen theme, story and theme-related instruction,
Small Group Work: Theme or letter-related activity

Center Time: Students chose between 4-6 learning centers (reading corner, dramatic play area, writing center, blocks, art center, music station, etc).
Clean up: Students clean up their stations and wash their hands to get ready for snacks.

Snack Time: Students practice manners as they refuel for the rest of the morning.  Our reading center is also open to students as they finish their snack.
Outside Play/Gross Motor Activity: Students engage in gross motor activities outside (weather permitting). 
Circle Time: Review concepts learned, music and movement activities, closing song.

Clean up: Gather papers.  Put on shoes and backpacks.  Get ready to go home.


*Daily schedule is subject to change due to special projects or activities.


". . .Children are made readers on the laps of their parents" (Emilie Buchwald).

The best way you can prepare your child for kindergarten is to read to him or her everyday.  You can make reading fun by acting out stories or making-up voices for different characters.  You can also pick a special time or place to read.  My daughter loves for me to read to her in her "princess castle" everyday before she takes her nap.  Whether you put on a puppet show or read by flashlight, do whatever you can to make reading fun!